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Security and Fraud: Awareness and Prevention Information

We take your security seriously

At Midwest BankCentre, your financial security is important to us. In all of our daily banking transactions, the security of your information is utmost in our minds. Midwest BankCentre will never call or email you to request or verify information about account numbers, PIN's, login ID's, passwords or any other personal information regarding your accounts. If you receive an email or phone call requesting confidential information from someone claiming to represent Midwest BankCentre, do not respond to the message. If you receive an unsolicited request for confidential information by phone or email from someone claiming to be an associate of the bank, please inform Midwest BankCentre immediately by calling (314) 631-5500 or (800) 894-1350. 

While we are committed to protecting your information at our Bank, you need to be continually aware of others who may not have your financial security in mind. To protect yourself from the many types of fraud affecting consumers today, we have provided some links to important information you should know:

For personal accounts, limitations on your liability for unauthorized electronic funds transfers and other electronic errors that are covered by Regulation E are explained in our EFT Disclosure Statement, which is available upon request by calling Midwest BankCentre at (314) 631-5500 or (800) 894-1350. However, if you use online services for any business activity, you assume all risk of loss for unauthorized transfers and payments, and you must establish your own internal security procedures for employees you authorize to prevent all unauthorized use by other employees or persons.