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Nonprofit Banking Services at Midwest BankCentre

Nonprofit Banking Services at

Midwest BankCentre

At Midwest BankCentre, our purpose is to help you fulfill yours. We believe every nonprofit organization deserves a local bank with the experience and resources to provide banking solutions specifically tailored to them. Midwest BankCentre understands the unique needs of nonprofits and creates financial solutions to meet them. That's why we are confident we are the best bank for your St. Louis nonprofit organization.

We Have Nonprofit Industry Expertise

Serving our community is at the heart of what we do. That's why we work with nearly 1,000 not-for-profit and faith-based organizations. Nonprofits and local banks are a great match. Not only are they more accessible, but they also share your passion for improving the community you serve. We are proud to offer personalized service, a dedicated relationship manager, and local decision-making for all of our nonprofit clients. It is our way of doing our part to help you improve our local community. 

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How We Can Help

Midwest BankCentre offers a host of products and services to help you fulfill your mission without having to constantly search for the best financial solutions. Here are only a few of the commercial banking services we can offer nonprofits.

  • Deposit Bank Account Solutions
    • We offer a low-cost or no-cost business checking account, along with remote deposit capture (mobile deposit up to 60 checks per month) and mobile banking, so you always know your account balance.
  • Automated Member Donations
    • We understand that donations are important for cash flow to keep the day-to-day work of nonprofit organizations moving forward. We offer options for automated donations and easy member setup.
  • Loans and Lines of Credit
    • Choose one of several business credit card options that suit the needs of your nonprofit organization. We offer consolidated or individual credit card billing statements and customized spending limits by person.  Midwest BankCentre also offers a variety of specialty programs to fund the efforts of nonprofit organizations, including 501(c)(3) loans, real estate loans, and revolving lines of credit.
  • MBC Together
    • We are proud to offer an exclusive package of benefits to your worshipers and team members, including free financial seminars, free donation withdrawals, discounts on loan rates, and more. This is our way of doing our part to help you improve our local community.

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Choosing the Best Bank for your Nonprofit Organization 

With your commitment to your mission and our expertise, experience, and service, we believe we are the right financial institution to for your needs. Here are a few things to consider when choosing the best bank for you.

Beliefs and Values: Do the values of the financial institution line up with those of your nonprofit? Do their mission and vision align with yours?

Convenience: Is easy access important to you? If so, a local bank with a dedicated relationship manager is likely best for you to receive personalized attention.

Fee Structure: Every dollar you save from your operating budget is another dollar you can put towards the important work you do. Hidden fees are only taking away from what is important. Find a bank with a free nonprofit checking account and other services without a monthly fee.

Services Unique to Your Needs: Everyone has different needs. You may only need a business checking account and access to credit. Others may require real estate loans or other nonprofit loan products. Make sure the bank you choose has the banking services you require.

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