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Midwest BankCentre has over 110 years of experience helping St. Louis businesses reach their potential and grow their commercial property from a trusted commercial lender. Our loans have helped build landmarks, construct neighborhoods, create many successful businesses, and shape our community's churches and organizations. We have the products and services to help your business flourish.

As one of the largest community banks in St. Louis, we understand the opportunities and the challenges facing your business.

With us, you and your business gain:

  • Expedient, local decision making
  • Expert guidance
  • Flexible terms and conditions
  • Niche expertise
  • A trusted partner



Commercial Real
Estate Lending

Small Business Loans and
Lines of Credit

Commercial Loans

Here to help you take the next step

We structure customized financial solutions to meet your commercial mortgage loan's requirements. Plus, when needs arise without warning, our bankers are empowered to act quickly and facilitate timely business loan decisions, a key advantage for fast-moving businesses and industries looking for a timely commercial property loan.

Our Commercial Loans include:

  • Revolving Lines of Credit
  • Equipment loans
  • Acquisition and/or expansion loans

Commercial Real Estate Lending

From St. Louis City to St. Charles County to Jefferson County and everywhere in between, we can help you build your vision using commercial real estate loans.

Whether you are looking to expand, relocate, or refinance, we offer a wide range of customizable real estate loans to get you the right commercial real estate loan with the right terms for your business.

Our financing options:

  • Land acquisition loans - purchase real estate to build or expand your business
  • Construction loans - we have many options so your vision can become a reality
  • Mini-perms - we provide medium-term financing options with unparalleled flexibility for refinancing and/or acquiring commercial properties

Can a small business qualify for a commercial loan?

Yes, small businesses can qualify for commercial loans. Lenders offer various financing options tailored to the needs of small businesses, such as Small Business Administration (SBA) loans and business lines of credit. To qualify, small businesses typically need to demonstrate a stable financial history, provide accurate financial statements, present a solid business plan, and show the ability to repay the loan.

Small Business Loans and Lines of Credit

Whether you need to finance growth, cover timing gaps in cash flow, purchase equipment, or simplify your vendor payments, Midwest BankCentre offers a number of options to finance your commercial mortgages to suit the various needs of your business.

We can provide you with a variety of interest rate options, repayment terms, and credit amounts. Our goal is to understand your needs and to customize a credit product to fit your business requirements such as getting an SBA loan.

We offer credit products such as:

  • Commercial Line of Credit - revolving credit line that allows you to borrow short-term funds as needed and repay as funds become available
  • Term Loans - finance the acquisition of a specific asset, such as a piece of equipment or a building
  • SBA (Small Business Administration) Financing - available to finance short-term working capital needs like a business line of credit or longer-term fixed loans

Midwest BankCentre Credit Cards


Our cards are tailored to your organization's needs, designed to help increase your availability of capital , keep track of your organization's expenses, and provide the buying power you deserve, all while offering the local, friendly service you've come to expect from us.

  • Get up to 3% cash back on travel and dining, up to 2% on gas and office supplies, and up to 1% on everything else
  • Multiple payment options, including automatic debit, online bill pay, in a branch, or by mail
  • Consolidated or individual billing statement options
  • Ability to add employee cards at no additional cost and customize spending limits by individual
  • Contactless payment technology on supported devices: Apple Pay®, Samsung Pay®, and Google Pay™
  • Masterpass™ can be used to make secure purchases in-store, online, or on an app
  • Purchasing cards are available in addition to the standard business credit card


What is a Commercial Loan? 


Commercial and industrial lending, or C&I lending, is simply any loan granted to a borrower that is a business and not an individual. C&I loans provide funds for capital expenditures, working capital, and other business financing requirements.


What factors are considered when applying for a commercial loan?

When applying for a commercial loan, lenders consider several factors to assess the creditworthiness of the borrower and the viability of the business. These factors include the borrower's credit history, business financial statements, cash flow projections, collateral value, industry analysis, and the purpose of the loan. Lenders also evaluate the borrower's experience and management capabilities to determine their ability to repay the loan.


C&I Loan Portfolio at Midwest BankCentre


Midwest BankCentre offers Commercial and Industrial Loans starting at $500,000. Our C&I loan portfolio consists of various types of loans including:

  • Secured and Unsecured Term Loans
  • Asset Based
  • Small Business Administration
  • Merchant Advances
These loans are typically secured by non-real estate collateral and provide short-term financing.

Treasury Management Solutions


Our flexible, customizable treasury management services, also known as cash management, help you as a business owner simplify financial operations, manage cash flow, and maximize earnings. Regardless of your commercial banking needs, our team can help select the most cost-effective options by analyzing banking activity and discussing possibilities for your business finances.

Our Sweep Service optimizes the use of funds in the business checking accounts by gaining maximum interest and/or reducing debt by automating transfers between accounts. Our Remote Deposit Capture option gives you the convenience of making deposits from your desk - including Mobile Deposits from your smartphone or tablet -  receiving funds faster and taking advantage of later deposit deadlines.

You always have access to Business Online Banking to know your cash position, gain real-time data, pay bills online, view front and back images of checks and deposits, download information into a common program such as QuickBooks®, receive statements and notices electronically, and access Bill Pay services to pay bills from your computer or mobile device the quick, easy, and paperless way.

Local Lockbox Processing is available to reduce employee workload and float. Lockbox processing collects payments in a secure way for automatic same-day deposits using a St. Louis P.O. Box address. And we have ACH Origination to make direct deposits (including payroll), collect automatic payments from customers, and to concentrate cash (even at out-of-state locations).

Our Re$ubmitIt® Check Recovery Service allows you to improve and automate the collection of returned checks and minimize collection requirements. And our Fraud & Security Safeguards reduce the risks of electronic fraud via ACH blocks and filters to guard against check fraud through positive pay and account reconciliation by showing outstanding checks, etc.


How does commercial lending differ from residential lending?

Commercial lending refers to loans provided to businesses or individuals for commercial purposes, such as acquiring commercial properties, financing business expansions, or purchasing equipment. Residential lending, on the other hand, focuses on loans for purchasing or refinancing residential properties. Commercial lending involves more complex underwriting processes, higher loan amounts, and different risk assessments based on the financial performance of the business or commercial property.

Let our treasury management team develop a custom financing package to help your business achieve its potential!
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