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Midwest BankCentre's online account opening FAQs.

  • How do I open an account online with Midwest BankCentre?

    • To open your account online, simply click here. You will be asked to complete a series of questions to begin the process; and you will need to have information available when it comes to the way in which you will fund the account.  In most cases, accounts can be opened in less than five minutes!

  • What browsers can I use to open an account?

    • Our online account opening process is supported by Chrome and several other browsers; but please note online account opening is not available via Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge.

  • Can I open a trust account online?

    • Currently, an account in the name of a Trust cannot be opened online, however, you may add a trust as a beneficiary. We are happy to open this type of account at any of our physical branch locations.  Visit here to find a branch closest to you. 
  • Can I add a beneficiary to my account?

    • Yes, contact us to add a beneficiary to your account.

  • How will I know my account number?

    • Your account number will be presented on the final screen once your account is opened.
    • You can also find your account number within online banking.

  • How do I view my account once it's been opened?

    • To view your account, simply log into your online banking.

  • How do I add a joint owner to an account I open online?

    • A joint owner can be added to an account after the account application is submitted and approved. A list of services will be presented that include adding an owner.

  • When can I expect my account to fund after its opened?

    • It typically takes 2-3 business days for a new account to fund.

  • What is Midwest BankCentre’s Routing Number?

    • Our Routing Number is 081000676.

  • Can a Business open accounts online?

    • A business cannot open an account online. Please contact us to open a business account.

  • What is your contact information?

    • Visit our website for our contact information.

  • How do I make deposits into my Midwest BankCentre online accounts?

    • There are multiple ways to make a deposit into your Midwest BankCentre account; enroll for mobile deposit, visit a Midwest BankCentre ATM or visit a branch.

  • How can I find out more about Midwest BankCentre?

    • Visit our website to learn more about us.