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Certificate of Deposit Products

Online and In-Branch CD Rates from Midwest BankCentre

Midwest BankCentre is offering special rates for CDs that are opened online and in-branch.  CDs offer you higher interest than the Money Market and Savings accounts. Use these for cash you plan on keeping for the longer term.

Featured Online and In-Branch CD Products
Term Interest Rate APY* Min Balance to Earn APY
6-Month CD 1.74% 1.75% $1,000

12-Month CD

2.72% 2.75% $1,000 Apply Now

18-Month CD

2.82% 2.85% $1,000 Apply Now

Rates effective as of 9/30/2022
Additional Online and In-Branch CD Products

Term Interest Rate APY* Min Balance to Earn APY
3-Month CD
1.00% 1.00% $1,000

24-Month CD

2.77% 2.80% $1,000 Apply Now

36-Month CD

2.23% 2.25% $1,000 Apply Now

48-Month CD

2.48% 2.50% $1,000 Apply Now

60-Month CD

2.53% 2.55% $1,000 Apply Now

No Penalty CD
Term Interest Rate APY* Min Balance to Earn APY

7-Month No Penalty CD**

1.74% 1.75% $1,000 Apply Now

Raise Your Rate CDs

Our Raise Your Rate CDs offer all the benefits of a CD with added flexibility, giving you the ability to raise your rate and add more money to your account during your CD's term:

  • If the rate increases during your term, you can raise the rate as well as add funds once during the term
  • CDs that can be opened: 
    • 18-Month and 24-Month

Term Min to Open Interest Rate APY* Min Balance to Earn APY
18-Month CD $10,000.00 2.82% 2.85% $10,000.00 Apply Now
24-Month CD $10,000.00
2.87% 2.90% $10,000.00
Apply Now

Certificates of Deposit

Midwest BankCentre offers a full range of Certificates of Deposit 1 that are available to both consumers and businesses. CDs offer you higher interest than the Money Market and Savings accounts. Use these for cash you plan on keeping for the longer term.


Individual Retirement Accounts

An IRA can be a crucial part of building your retirement nest egg. Whether you’re opening your first IRA, rolling over an old 401(k) or looking to transfer your existing IRA, we have flexible options and terms to meet your needs.

  • Traditional or Roth IRA options
  • Terms include: 12-Month, 24-Month, 36-Month, 48-Month and 60-Month


* Rates effective as of 9/30/22 and are subject to change without notice. Fees may reduce earning. Early withdrawal penalties may apply. Minimum balance of $1,000 to earn APY on 3-month, 6-month, 7-month, 12-month, 18-month, 36-month, 48-month and 60-month CDs. Minimum balance of $10,000 to earn APY on 18-month and 24-month Raise Your Rate CDs. You may withdraw the total balance and interest earned and credited, without penalty. Interest earned and not yet credited to your account will be forfeited upon early termination. 

* *While there is not an early withdrawal penalty for the 7-month no penalty CD, interest that has accrued, but has not been credited to the CD will NOT be paid upon termination.

Get a Better CD Rate with Online CDs from Midwest BankCentre!

If you want to protect your money against inflation, CDs (certificates of deposit) can be an excellent choice. They can provide a higher interest rate than a savings account, and they are less risky than bonds. As long as you stick to the rules, you're not likely to lose your money. For example, you have to make sure you have the time to let your money stay in a CD account until maturity. Early withdrawal may cost you some interest because of an early withdrawal penalty

Read on to learn more about CDs and why you might want to invest funds in a CD through Midwest BankCentre. If you're unsure whether or not a CD is a suitable solution for your money, give us a call and we can discuss your goals and options.

Earn a higher rate on CDs with our current special.


CDs have a number of benefits. They are FDIC-insured like other bank savings accounts, but they offer a higher rate than savings accounts do, and the rate is secured for the entire term length. 

Both online CDs, as well as in-branch CDs, are a low-risk investment option for both short-term and long-term goals. If you prefer the convenience of online banking, an online CD may be a great option for you. Regardless of where you open it, whether online or in one of our branches, Midwest BankCentre offers CDs at great rates. A traditional CD typically has a fixed annual percentage yield (APY) for the duration of the CD. A traditional CD requires a minimum opening deposit of $1,000 or more. Some banks require you to deposit $0 for a short-term CD, while others require a minimum deposit of $10,000. For a long-term CD, however, you can put up a smaller amount. Most banks have fees associated with early withdrawals, so be aware of this before you open your account. In addition, if you withdraw your money early, you may not be able to receive the same interest rate as if you had stayed invested.

CDs: A great tool for your overall savings strategy.


CDs are not necessarily the best deposit account option, but they make a great tool to use in your overall wealth management. There are many other options to pair with your CD account. High-yield savings accounts have similar interest rates to online CDs with the most competitive rate and allow you to make unlimited deposits. These accounts also have fewer restrictions on how you can use your money. Money market accounts are an option for short-term investments as well. While short-term online CDs start at 6 months to 1 year, money market accounts are more appropriate for investing for a shorter term. For instance, if you need access to your money within only a few months of depositing it, or if you want to deposit less than the CD minimum, a money market account may be more appropriate for you.

While you can choose a CD with a term of six months to five years, rates can differ from one financial institution to the next. Some online banks offer a more competitive rate than national banks and credit unions. Since CDs are not a complex product, it makes sense to shop around for the highest CD rate. Regardless of your desired CD term, Midwest BankCentre can help you find the best CD interest rate to help you meet your goals. Call us today!