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Lockbox Service

Secure, accurate and wonderfully convenient.

Looking for ways to streamline accounting and eliminate trips to the bank? Lockbox Service from Midwest BankCentre helps accelerate payment posting and collection while helping improve your receivables process.

How It Works:

  1. Your customers mail payments and supporting documents to a secure Post Office Box.
  2. We collect and process the checks.
  3. The funds are automatically deposited to your account the same business day.
    It’s that easy.


  • Improved cash flow – Accelerating the collection process increases your working capital and allows faster access to the funds.
  • Reduce overhead costs and enhanced payment processing – Payments are processed faster and errors are reduced.
  • Better security and safety – Decrease the potential for theft, fraud and error.

Other Services:

  • Wholesale Lockbox – ideal for businesses companies that process high-dollar, low-volume transactions.
  • Retail Lockbox – best for businesses that process a higher volume of payments.
  • Property Management Lockbox – designed for community associations and property management companies.

We welcome the opportunity to help you make sound decisions about which business banking products will benefit you. Contact our business banking advisors today!

We recently updated our Lockbox Services Agreement, please click here to read a summary of the changes.