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ACH Origination

2017 NACHA Rules

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Please update your files with this year's 2017 NACHA Operating Rules & Guidelines.
NACHA rules are available as either Hard Copy or Digital Access. Please order your choice below:

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Direct Deposit for Payroll

Increase employee satisfaction and reduce paperwork

Direct Deposit of your payroll saves you and your employees' time. Benefits are abundant:

Company Benefits
  • Streamline payroll operations
  • Eliminate stolen or lost checks
  • Minimize check storage and security
  • Save money by reducing item processing, check stocks and envelopes.
  • Provide quick access to funds
  • Eliminate trips to the bank
  • Encourage savings
  • Deposit funds when sick, on vacation or traveling.
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Auto Payment

Collect payments more quickly

Another convenient service we offer companies is auto payment, which allows you to collect payments from your customers automatically. Benefits of auto payment include:

  • Reduced processing time and cost
  • Eliminated trips to the bank
  • Faster deposit of regular payments
  • Simplified reconcilement
  • Reduced accounting errors
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Cash Concentration

Consolidate your banking, even with out-of-state locations

Cash Concentration Services allows you to make deposits at any financial institution, no matter the location via ACH origination. Once the deposit is made, funds are transferred electronically from the deposit-taking institution to your account at The BankCentre via Internet Banking

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Electronic State & Federal Tax Payments

This service offers a quick and easy way to make your state and federal tax payments online.

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